A Lovely Spring Afternoon

We have been having phenomenal weather, cool, breezy, and clear.  The trees are leafing out, our winter birds have moved on, for the most part, and the insects are zooming around purposefully.

Bertha hatched out five chicks about two weeks ago.

Arless the rooster remains vigilant.

The parsley hawthorne draws pollinators.

A damselfly rests on the hawthorne leaf.

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in partial shade. I love how its belly feathers look like a subtle plaid.

When its head comes out into bright sunlight, sticks block the view of its profile.

Now its body is in shade. It’s always something.

I have been waiting literally years, to see this species land, so I could get a picture. I think it is a Common Green Darner.

This Mantled Baskettail stayed in one place so long, I was able to get pictures from different angles.

Same Mantled Baskettail, different background.

I hope that wherever you are, you can find some seasonal details to enjoy!