Camping Out on Camphor Daisies

The camphor daisies (Rayjacksonia phyllocephala) have just started blooming.  They are a pretty nondescript plant, tall and skinny, with long tough stems that look like leggy geranium stems, rough thick leaves, and small bright yellow ray flowers.   I have been noticing all kinds of insects and arachnids making themselves at home there.

I don’t know a lot of the insects – I was able to identify a few new ones from these pictures. If you are interested, you can follow these links to find out more about them on

Tan and Yellow fly — Poecilognathus

Leaf-footed bug nymph — Leptoglossus

Stilt bug — Neoneides muticus

Other common names for the plant are golden-aster and camphorweed, but I have a different camphor weed here too, so I am going to stick with camphor daisies on this one.  According to one of my Texas AgriLife Extension books, another Latin name is Heterotheca subaxillaris, but I am using the Latin name that the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center uses.

And here is one more picture, of the Green Lynx Spider.  I couldn’t get it to show full size in the gallery and I really love her transparent spiky legs.

Green Lynx spider

Green Lynx spider