A Present

So sometimes you have this puppy who needs a little operation, and then they tell you he can’t run or jump or swim for two weeks, and he has to wear the e-collar the whole time!

Oh sure, he looks so cute and innocent.

Oh sure, he looks so cute and innocent.

And he’s so bored because he can’t go outside, that he is chewing everything he can find including your book Oxford History of Modern Art, and he keeps bashing that big plastic cone into everything, including the back of your leg, especially when you are trying to carry homemade nectar out to the hummingbird feeder, so it splashes everywhere and you and the floor and the cabinets are all sticky, and how were you to know he could knock the fire extinguisher out of its bracket?!!

So eventually you say, “Okay, it’s been almost a week, we will go out, not for a walk, but just for a nice quiet sit with the sheep.”

But the sheep are freaked out by the alien-looking e-collar, and keep running to get away from it, and the dog thinks that is hilarious, and goes off and hides in the bushes, and then pops back out at them and they are all crashing into each other, and you CANNOT TAKE IT ANY MORE!

And then you look down on the ground, and see that the universe, understanding that you are having a very bad day, is giving you a little pat on the back, and is saying, “There there.”

Because there is this fabulous bug that you have never seen before, and it is sitting right there waiting for you to take pictures of it.

beetle in grassAnd your camp chair is right there, so you can place the bug on a background that will make focusing easy.

beetle 2beetle 3beetle 4And when you get in the house and do your research, you think that you have figured out what beetle this is, but you ask for an identification on BugGuide.net to be sure, because after all you are just a humble art major.

And some nice expert tells you that it is Stenelytrana emarginata.  Which is not in any of your books.

And further research reveals that it does not seem to have a common name.

And you are thinking that if you got to pick a common name, you would choose something like the “candygram” beetle, because it was such a nice surprise.