If I Could Translate Grasshopper into English

2 American Bird grasshoppers

“Do you think that photographer notices us? Finally? We’ve been hanging out here at Pasture and Oak, waiting to be discovered, for hours!”

grasshopper on tree bark

“Oh good, she has definitely noticed us. She’s coming closer…”

grasshopper profile



patterns on grasshopper

“Not everybody can carry off this blend of speckles, spots, spikes, and braids.”

grasshopper front wings

“Have you noticed my lacy wing patterns?”

grasshopper face

“Look deep into my striped eyes. You will make me famous….you will make me famous…..”

"Wait! What are you doing? This is more than I bargained for!"

“Wait! What are you doing? This is more than I bargained for!”

grasshopper front view

“I look much better in profile! I don’t want full-face close-ups! Put me down. This is my stern face.”

Of course I did release this grasshopper as soon as I had some good pictures.  She was ID’d for me at BugGuide.net as an American Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca americana, part of the Cyrtacanthacridinae family.

Sometimes I have seen something the size of a hummingbird flying straight across the yard for a long distance, with creamy wings fluttering.  At first i will think it is a bird or moth, but then I realize it is one of these.