Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #78 — Special Spot

There is a spot on our farm where kids can cross on fallen trees, or squish around in the mud,

and just as importantly, tree roots terrace the bank, so grown-ups have a place to sit while waiting patiently for the kids to wear themselves out.

roots on a creek bank

Built-in seating.

Where, when you look around, you might find that you have sat yourself down almost on top of a new species of frog.*

bronze frog

Bronze Frog, a subspecies of Green Frog, Rana clamitans.


Where glittering jewels fly through the air and land nearby.


Where the bubbly eyes of a crawfish might be looking back at you.

Crawfish in clear water.

crawfish eyes

Bubbly eyes.


Where a turtle might choose an ideal spot to lay her eggs.

pond turtle laying eggs.

Pond turtle laying eggs.

Where others have played before you, many, many times.  And will be waiting for you until you can play there again.

animal tracks

Tracks in the sand.

For more denizens of the creek, see here.  And you can see more tracks, too.

This week’s theme on the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, #78 — Special Spot Shots, was originated by Ann-Christine.

* Not new to science, new to my species list.  We had lived here 8 years without seeing this frog, and then my daughter literally sat down beside it and it didn’t even move.  The Audubon Society Field Guide says, “Primarily nocturnal.  Green Frogs are not as wary as many other species of frog.  They seldom scream in alarm when caught.”  No kidding.

To hear what the Green Frog sounds like when it does make a noise, visit here and scroll down to Rana clamitans.