The Changing Seasons – August 2020

I saw a photo challenge on Ann-Christine’s blog, and she found it on its original home with Su (scroll down through the post to find the guidelines).  You take 5 to 20 photos from your current catalog, to capture your month.

I love all the daily challenges but I never manage to keep up with them.  I also love all the thought-provoking challenges where people draw the perfect illustrative images in their archives, but my photos are more documentary than artistic, so I don’t feel I add anything to those themed challenges.  So this one seems like one I might actually keep up with!

For August, I am choosing photos from just one weekend when we went to our Hill Country place.  I had not been there since December of last year, so this trip was the highlight of my month!

You can click on the pictures to see larger images.

The gray fox was one of three young foxes we saw by the road — this was the first time I have seen one outside of a national park. The butterfly pictures were taken at a roadside rest area with beautiful pollinator gardens.

I am looking forward to participating in this monthly challenge!