The Changing Seasons – September 2020 in East Texas

Although I spend a fair amount of time in Central Texas, I live in East Texas.  While there is some overlap, we tend to see different plants, insects, and birds here, so I feel that East Texas deserves it own post. 🙂

And in an attempt to get to know some features of the WordPress Block Editor, I thought I would have some fun with the Image Compare block.

Almost every month, I walk exactly the same path around our farm, and take photos at the same spots.  This year, August was very dry, and then we had rain in September that greened things up again.  So here are a few comparisons:


Point 9 facing north, August on the left, September on the right.
Oh, this is awesome. I could do this all day.
This is a Tupelo tree, facing south, an August afternoon on the left, and a September morning on the right.

I am happy to participate in The Changing Seasons challenge, hosted by Su (scroll down through the post to find the guidelines).  She asks us to take 5 to 20 photos from our current catalog, to capture our month. I love to read everyone’s posts and get glimpses into so many different worlds!