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Bug Season Begins with a Bang

NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had predicted a cooler, wetter winter than average for us, which I was looking forward to.  It was maybe a little cooler than usual, but I… Continue reading

Texas Leafcutter Ants

Before we went to Lake Somerville State Park over the weekend, I actually did a little pre-trip research, and saw a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department tweet that Texas Leafcutter ants had built… Continue reading

December Highlights

All of these are from the last three days of warm and sunny weather.  A cold front is supposed to blow in this weekend, and I am curious to see what changes it… Continue reading

Spinning Oak into Gold

As a textile artist, I have a soft spot in my heart for the spinners and weavers in nature.  A few times a year, I come across these cocoons, usually on the ground… Continue reading

Leaf-footed Bug

Battered but Still Beautiful

On my walks, I am accompanied by three sheep, a goat, and a dog.  One of the sheep is tan-colored, and the others are white.  Yesterday afternoon this butterfly kept landing on the… Continue reading

The Time My Husband Was Right

As a long-married couple, there have been a few occasions where my husband and I suddenly realize we remember “facts” differently, and have to do a little research to settle the matter.  After… Continue reading

Host and Guest

Every now and then I find some deceased butterflies or parts of butterflies.  This is sad, but it does make them easier to identify and photograph! This sadly deceased individual is a Hackberry… Continue reading

Wasp 1, Wolf Spider 0

This wasp was moving very quickly.  I took as many pictures as I could before she hauled her prey off into the leaves. In trying to identify her, I learned that since her… Continue reading

Green Lynx 1, Paper Wasp 0

I take about a hundred pictures every day, and try to edit and tag them every night, but I don’t always get to them on time.  This is one I took back in… Continue reading