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A Target-Rich Environment

Walking down by the creek today, I hardly knew where to turn my camera. All kinds of creatures were buzzing and fluttering around, and the light was perfect.

Dragonfly in Profile

These large dragonflies usually zoom back and forth across the pasture in continuous motion.  The other day, one stopped for a minute and perched on a T-post long enough for me to get… Continue reading

Bug Season Begins with a Bang

NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had predicted a cooler, wetter winter than average for us, which I was looking forward to.  It was maybe a little cooler than usual, but I… Continue reading

Texas Leafcutter Ants

Before we went to Lake Somerville State Park over the weekend, I actually did a little pre-trip research, and saw a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department tweet that Texas Leafcutter ants had built… Continue reading

December Highlights

All of these are from the last three days of warm and sunny weather.  A cold front is supposed to blow in this weekend, and I am curious to see what changes it… Continue reading

Spinning Oak into Gold

As a textile artist, I have a soft spot in my heart for the spinners and weavers in nature.  A few times a year, I come across these cocoons, usually on the ground… Continue reading

Leaf-footed Bug

Battered but Still Beautiful

On my walks, I am accompanied by three sheep, a goat, and a dog.  One of the sheep is tan-colored, and the others are white.  Yesterday afternoon this butterfly kept landing on the… Continue reading

The Time My Husband Was Right

As a long-married couple, there have been a few occasions where my husband and I suddenly realize we remember “facts” differently, and have to do a little research to settle the matter.  After… Continue reading

Host and Guest

Every now and then I find some deceased butterflies or parts of butterflies.  This is sad, but it does make them easier to identify and photograph! This sadly deceased individual is a Hackberry… Continue reading