1 Day 1 World Project: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Woodpecker Ninjas

When I was out walking in the woods today, I heard a lot of birds scolding and squawking.  In the past, following the fuss has led me to sightings of snakes, hawks, and owls, so I went to check it out.

I was surprised to see six red-headed woodpeckers creating the noise.  They were flying at each other and chasing each other around the trunk of a dead pine tree.

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Every now and then everything would calm down – then one would go to the very top of the tree and start drumming, and someone would come flying at him, and the whole thing would start again.

I have seen red-headed woodpeckers here, but usually just once or twice a year, not nearly as often as I see red-bellied woodpeckers or even pileateds.  And I usually see just one or two.  I don’t know why these were chasing each other, but it was all they cared about – I took pictures for over an hour and they never seemed to notice me.

I love the stark look of the dead pine tree in these pictures – it made me think of the Old West, with the woodpeckers as gunslingers defending their one-horse town.

Incidentally, I have already missed a week of 1 Day 1 World – I didn’t read the instructions carefully enough!  There is only one week assigned to each hour of the day, not two.  So I missed the 1 pm to 2 pm hour.  For me, that doesn’t matter so much – my day is not highly scheduled.  But I hope to participate for the rest of the project.  If you would like to participate too, here’s where you can find out more!