Guest Post: Will’s Nature with Minnows

This weekend my husband and I shared a significant anniversary, and unbeknownst to me, he arranged ahead of time for it to be filled with visits from family and friends.  It has been a wonderful weekend!  To free me up for more visiting time, my great-nephew has kindly created this guest post.

Will’s Nature with Minnows

by Will the Chill

The pond has all kinds of different colors.  I like the splashing on the water fountain and the ducks quacking.  It smells like water and fresh air and beloved ducks.  The water feels cold when it’s cold outside, and when it’s hot, the water feels hot.

Dipping water.

Dipping water.

The minnow has weird big eyes and its mouth is opening.  It feels kinda slimy.

Looking at minnows.

Looking at minnows.


They’re moving like floppy.  They look shiny when you take them out but when you put them in the water they look dirty.

Holding a minnow.

Holding a minnow.

People should know that they have gills.

I’m sorry, fish, that I’m picking you up but you look interesting.


Underneath they look like they’re plain white without any skin.  From the top they look moldy.

There’s lots of animals in here —
especially fish
turtles —
fish is the top one.

All the animals need water, and ducks and turtles need air.

Thanks, Will, I always like seeing nature from your viewpoint!