Praying Mantis

Quite often while we are out doing yard work, my husband will stop what he is doing and bring me a bug.  I almost always have my camera with me and I stop for a little photo session.  Yesterday it was this praying mantis, that I believe is a young Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis).

Photogenic Praying Mantis.

It is never easy to hold the insect with one hand and maneuver the camera to take pictures with the other.  I pulled out my phone to use as a little posing platform, and then the mantis became fascinated with my chickens.  (The chickens remained unimpressed by the danger of imminent demise at the raspy forelegs of the insect monster.)

“Wait, what is that over there? It looks delicious!”

“There’s another one! I think I can pounce on it.”



“Shoot! Missed it by that much!”

“Let’s see, what else is around here for dinner?”


“Hmmm. Well, hello photographer! What are you doing for dinner?”