Wild Hogs

Feral hogs are the bane of our existence here in Texas, especially for those who live in nice new suburban areas.  They breed quickly and destroy plants, and they are a dangerous obstacle on the roads at night.  But I can’t help but admire them for their survival skills and audacious personalities.

Because they have such a variety of color patterns, it is easy to see that many different individuals show up in our game camera videos.  At maturity, they can be 36 inches at the shoulder, and weigh from 100 up to 400 pounds.  The sows can have two litters a year, with up to 12 piglets per litter.  Some videos show multiple generations and it is fun to try to figure out who might be related to whom!

For more about the history of feral hogs and their status, you can see this article from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.