WalkingSquares 13 through 19

Lots of weather changes this week and a few good pictures!

Sunday, November 13, was a beautiful day, clear and cold.  I was able to get some nice clear pictures of Pine Warblers.  They are year-round residents but they usually stay pretty high up in the shadows of the pine trees.

Pine Warbler.

Tuesday was cold and rainy again.  I didn’t go out until almost dark, not planning well for photography!  There were two deer in the pasture and one really couldn’t be bothered to run away.

White-tailed deer.

Wednesday was another glum day, and nothing caught my eye on my usual loop.  So I wandered along the shoreline of the pond, and spotted this baseball lying there.  My nephew must have hit it into the pond on one of his visits, and it had floated over and then been beached during this summer’s drought.

That doesn’t belong there!

Lonely baseball.

As I was looking at it, some evidence of recent beaver activity caught my eye.  The only time we have had beavers here before was during the big drought in 2011 — this year’s drought must have been enough to make one consider our pond to be a good home.

Chewed saplings.

Practically down to toothpick size.

As I was studying the cut saplings, suddenly a sharp crack of a noise startled me.  My first reaction was that it was a gunshot, very close by.  Then I immediately realized it was the beaver slapping its tail.  Knowing that they do that, and experiencing it, are two very different things.  🙂

I went around the pond to the house, and told my husband a beaver was back, and then I saw it swimming in the pond.   It got out and stayed on the shoreline for a while, paying no attention to me.  I got some pictures of it but it was close to dark and the pictures did not turn out well.

Taken at dusk, so the camera had a hard time focusing.

So Thursday, I was prepared! I went out earlier in the day, and went to the part of the pond where I had seen the beaver, and scanned the water for any sign of it or the branches it had been harvesting.  I heard a quiet splash and realized it had been sitting on the shore just about 20 feet from me.  I got some very nice pictures of it in the water, and enjoyed the rest of my walk, knowing I already had my picture for the day.

I like the water patterns in the background on this shot.

On Friday, I had to go to town and take my mom shopping.  We went to a favorite resale shop and I settled for snapping some “wildlife” there.  Then, back at home, after dark, I did take a real walk — I walked up to my mailbox and pulled out a giant box of books I had ordered.

Sloth at the thrift store.

Mailbox full of welcome books!

Saturday was again, rainy and cold, a perfect day to stay in and read my new books, but I did venture out in the afternoon.  I tried to sneak up on the beaver again but did not see it.  But as I was inching my way through a very woody area, I spotted this weird ring of fungus.  I can’t find it in the Texas Mushrooms guidebook, so it is possible that the tiny frost we had a few days ago killed it and changed its normal appearance.

Mystery fungus.

I have really been enjoying my daily walks with Becky B and all her lovely community.  Not only am I getting out and walking every day, and looking for something fresh and new to photograph, but I am also exploring new blogs and reading about walks all around the world.